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This life of Mine - A legacy Journal

When we go, we take our stories with us. It wasn’t until I lost my last grandparent that I really grasped how little I knew of her story. I’d spent the previous ten years building a people-focused business and having children, and not much time sitting with my grandmother Mimi, asking her questions about her long and vibrant life. When she died, we didn’t just lose my grandmother—we lost the wealth of adventures and experiences and memories we had never asked her to share. From that realization, this book arose. I started a list of all the questions I wish I’d asked and the book you hold in your hands insisted on coming to life. 

This Life of Mine is a workbook to inspire people to record the unique details and stories of their lives, both for themselves and for those they will one day leave behind. This well-designed, visually pleasing journal is a mix of fill-in-the-blanks, short answer questions, list-making prompts, and ideas for simple sketches designed to create a nuanced portrait of a person’s life through reflections, memories, and stories. A life workbook for anyone who wants to remember and record their existence in bite-sized pieces, it will resonate particularly with people in the later decades or years of their lives, or those with a terminal illness. It is intended as a personal exploration and a way to plumb the depths of our past experiences, but perhaps most importantly, it serves as a keepsake for those we leave behind. 

This Life of Mine can be found at your independent bookstore, 8 Limbs Yoga Centers in Seattle, Barnes & Noble stores, and on


“What I really liked about the keepsake book "This Life of Mine: A Legacy Journal" is that it is very easy to write short details. You do not have to write on and on like it is a big biography. Perfect because this legacy journal asks questions you would not normally think about but once they are in front of you it is fantastic. You want to answer these and memories come flooding back. I am going to get one of these to give to my Mother so that I can always have this and pass it down to younger generations. A very different and great gift.”

“This is a lovely guided journal with a beautiful hardcover design and is full of questions and prompts so that you can write your overall life story. It's not really a daily or "in the moment" type journal (asking about everyday things or how you might be feeling on a certain day)- it's more of an overarching peek at a person's entire life.”

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Three Minus One: Stories of Parents’ Love & Loss

Anne Phyfe also contributed an essay titled “Dashed” to the 2014 anthology “Three Minus One: Stories of Parents’ Love and Loss.”

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Anne Phyfe’s sister Rebecca Snedeker edited Unfathomable City: A New Orleans Atlas with the author Rebecca Solnit. It is the quintessential guide to New Orleans, shared through 22 essays and 22 maps.